Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Shahi Tukre

Shahi Tukre

Ingredients :

* Slices of bread - 4nos
* Condensed milk - 6tbs
* Milk - 1/2litre
* Ground cardamom seeds - 1/2tsp
* Nutmeg - 1/4tsp
* Almonds, pistachios, Charoli, walnuts, cashew-nuts, raisins - 15gms each

Method of Preparation :

Trim and cut each slice of bread into four pieces and deep fry to a golden brown colour. Drain thoroughly and keep aside. Fry all the nuts and pound coarsely. Also fry the raisins. Take a wide pan and put in milk, condensed milk, 2 tablespoon sugar, cardamoms and nutmeg. Cook on a low fire till the mixture turns a little thick, then put the fried bread side by side in the pan. Let it cook till all the moisture is absorbed by the bread. Serve cold garnished with nuts and raisins and covered with foil.

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